Long Term Exchange Program
The Long-Term Exchange Program (LTEP) lasts ten months, during which you attend school and live with families in your host country. To gain a greater understanding of the culture, you gain exposure to the world by staying with at least two, preferably three, host families during your stay. You'll be your country’s ambassador while you are on exchange. You will also meet new friends and form lifelong international friendships. 
Rotary Youth Exchange programs are open to students ages 15.5 -18.5 at departure. The year you leave on exchange you must be at least 15.5 years old by September 1st. and cannot turn 18.5 years old before September 1st. To qualify, applicants should be above-average students who have demonstrated leadership in their community. Candidates should also possess qualities such as flexibility and a willingness to try new things that will enable them to fully experience life in another country and become excellent cultural ambassadors. All applicants must be sponsored by a local Rotary club and complete a written application and in person interview.
Students are initially interviewed by members of a sponsoring local Rotary club. This is an information session and interview that is usually held in late September or early October.  This interview involves the student and may involve their parents. Students are usually notified by October 15th whether they have been nominated by their club to advance to the next level of interviews. If nominated, the student moves to the next level of the selection process by completing an extensive online application that is submitted to the District’s Rotary Youth Exchange Committee. The online application is due prior to the District interviews, which are held in late November or early December. Students who are accepted into the program are notified of their provisional acceptance before December 31st.  Full acceptance occurs after the district has been able to locate a successful match for the student.  This generally occurs between February 1st and March 1st.  The spring is dedicated to helping students and families prepare for each student’s year away.  The district holds at least two orientation sessions in the spring and communicates regularly with students and families to ensure that each student has timely made their travel plans, acquired necessary visas, and has completed other essential steps.  
Travel and Visa
Travel and Visa arrangements are the sole responsibility of the families involved. Travel arrangements are preferably done through a Travel Agency. We recommend two agencies that specialize in arrangements for exchange students.  Visa requirements are different for each country, and can (and do!) change from year-to-year.  The small additional cost of using a travel agency is offset by their expertise and guidance with visa and other travel requirements.
The program is completely administered by Rotary club members, keeping program expenses low. Rotary clubs in the host country are responsible for school tuition, accommodation and food, and a modest monthly allowance (generally around $100/month).  Altogether, this can be worth up to $25,000. Typically, students and their parents or guardians are expected to cover an estimated $7,000-$10,000 expenses that are not covered by Rotary’s program investment.  The additional expenses include:
  • Round-trip airfare
  • Travel insurance that includes medical, accident, and illness coverage and meets the requirements of the host and sponsor clubs and districts.
  • All travel documents, such as passports and visas
  • Spending money (over and above the monthly allowance provided by the host Rotary club), ancillary travel, and tours
  • Language camp (in some host countries) or other cultural orientation sessions
  • Emergency fund for unexpected expenses during the year
  • Optional tours
District 5050 exchanges with many Rotary districts throughout the world.  These countries are on most major continents and our Exchange Partners are selected for their stability and degree of concern about the welfare and safety of our students.  The District Exchange Committee makes every effort to place students in a country on the student’s preference list. We are always re-evaluating our exchange partners and countries, but in the recent past have exchanged with:
Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
Interested In Applying?
Rotary Youth Exchanges are administered locally by volunteers, and all applicants must be sponsored by a local Rotary club and district. The first step is to apply with a local Rotary club. To find a club near you click here.  Once you locate a participating club near you, you will be asked to complete a preliminary application and an interview. If selected, you will move onto our district level interviews. Your local club will help guide you through the application and interview process. After the second interview at the District level, successful applicants will be notified regarding which country they have been selected for.