Committing to Host a Student
As a host family, you agree to host an exchange student from one of over 30 countries we exchange with for a period of 3-4 months. Families usually host from August to November, December to March, or April to July. Each year, your local Rotary club is assigned one or more students on a random basis.
What is Required?
Host families need to:
  1. Provide a private bedroom (or a bedroom with no more than one of your own children of the same gender)
  2. Treat your exchange student like one of your own children (for example, arranging transportation to school activities, including students in your own family meals, helping students with homework, and making sure they are a part of all family activities)
  3. Help your student learn English and about American culture (Rotary clubs have scheduled activities for the students)
What is not Required?
Host Families do not need to:
  1. Have children living at home. (It is not uncommon for your own children to be away at college, for example.)
  2. Be married/partnered at the time of the exchange. (We have many single-parent families who host an exchange student. The State Department requires one additional level of review.)
  3. Be a particular race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. All families are welcome.
  4. Pay for all miscellaneous expenses for the student. Students receive at least $100/month from your local Rotary club and must cover all additional expenses themselves.  As a general rule of thumb, however, if you are paying for something for one of your children (like a ticket to a movie or a family dinner out), it is customary to also pay for your exchange student. School activity fees are paid for by the Rotary Clubs.
What’s next?
If you have a question, you can email or talk to your local Rotary club representative to learn more about becoming a host family. If you are ready to host, complete the host family application below.
To apply you’ll need 2 references and photos of your home and specific applicable rooms. Other materials may be required.
Find your Local Club Contact to learn more about becoming a Host Family for a Youth Exchange Student