Host Family Application Process
The host family application process begins with completing an online application.  You will provide personal information about you and your family, your home, and you will be asked to provide two references who will be contacted.  You and your family will take an online training course in Youth Protection Awareness, and a background check will be performed.  Start the process early as it takes time for all of the pieces to be completed.
We will also visit with you and your family at your home, and provide you with printed and online resources to assist you.  We will provide an orientation session for all family members so that everyone is well prepared and comfortable. 
Start the process by beginning your online application at this link: Contact Us. The application process may seem long and complex, but you will be guided through it and have the Rotary Club and Youth Exchange volunteers to help you.  The process is thorough to ensure that you, and your student have the best experience possible.