It is time to begin your Application for the academic year 2024/25!
Long Term Exchanges, apply HERE
Application Deadline: November 1st
It is time to begin your Application for the summer of 2024!
Short Term Exchanges, apply HERE
Application Deadline: February 1st
Check with your sponsoring club for the submission deadline .
Conditions could change that might cause cancellation of the program but we are moving forward
with preparations to resume exchanges.
Here are some tips to help you get started:
Start planning early
The Rotary Youth Exchange program is highly selective, so start planning as soon as possible. For long-term exchanges (LTEP), apply in September for exchanges beginning the following August; for the short-term program (STEP), also apply in September for the following summer. For example, if you wish to go on exchange when you’re in 11th grade, you should apply in September of your 10th grade year. The reason for the early deadlines? It simply takes that long to go through the extensive application, selection and orientation process.  We are committed to identifying the best candidates and work long hours to help you prepare for your time as Youth Exchange students.
Contact Rotarians in your area
Youth Exchange is administered locally, with local Rotary Clubs sponsoring Outbound Exchange Students. Chances are that there is a Rotary Club near you that is involved in the program. There are about 59 Rotary clubs in our District, but not all of them participate in this program. Identify the club closest to you through our Club Locator.  Remember that participation in Youth Exchange varies from Club to Club, so check with your local Rotary club for details.
If the Rotary Club in your area does not participate now, you may be able to convince them that it is a program that is worth their efforts.  You could become the catalyst that unlocks the magic of this worthwhile program, for them and for you!  Contact the District Youth Exchange Chair or any one of the Committee members listed on the home page for assistance.  Together we will develop a strategy for increasing your chances of being sponsored.
Begin your Application
After you’ve gotten in touch with your local Rotary club, you will be asked to begin your application online (For Long-Term exchanges, apply HERE,  For Short Term Exchanges, apply HERE).  The Club will review applications and choose from the best candidates.  An interview will be scheduled with you and at least one of your parents/guardians after which the Club will make their recommendation to the District Committee for who will advance to the next level. 
If your Initial Application is accepted
If your application is accepted by the Club, candidates will continue with the application process, providing additional information.   They will be interviewed by the District Committee in  December or January. Your Rotary District Committee and local Rotary club will help guide you through the application and interview process.  An example of the Long-Term Exchange Program online application is located in the sidebar. (Use this as a worksheet only, paper applications will not be accepted.)
STEP Candidates will provide similar application information on the STEP online application.  In addition, the STEP Candidate's Family will begin the Host Family Vetting process, as the family must be approved to host the counterpart student prior to an exchange being approved.