Volunteer Screening
  1. The vetting process for a new volunteer or host family begins with the YEO sending them a link to the online Volunteer Application.
  2. The volunteer or host family will begin the application process from the secure online link (identified by the "https" in the web address) entering all the information requested.
  3. An automated email will be sent to their references requesting that they provide the reference using an online form. If there is a problem, or the references are not returned in a timely manner an alert will be sent letting you know to follow up.
  4. The YEO will review the application and references, and approve or reject.
  5. The District Protection Officer will be notified to initiate the Criminal Background Check procedure
  6. Links to Training will be sent to the volunteer.  Once training has been successfully completed the scores will automatically post within YEAH
The process is slightly different for Canadian Residents and US Residents:
All volunteer applications are processed online with applicants entering information via a secure web portal along with contact information for 3 references (2 for Host Family) and completing the NAYEN Youth Protection Awareness Course online. 
OBTAIN Volunteer Screening from the appropriate government agency.
US RESIDENTS: A Criminal Background Check will be obtained for the volunteer through the District 5050 Youth Protection Officer.  This may be done through the Washington State Patrol WATCH service, or the volunteer may be asked to provide additional information through the Intellicorp background check service.  An additional check is made through the National Sex Offender Registry.
CANADIAN RESIDENTS: There are several ways to obtain a current Criminal History/Records/Background Check for BC residents but generally it is easiest through the BC Ministry of Justice online service at this link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/    

The Access Code is:    NTG3FSZ6SZ    

The organization name will come up as Rotary District 5050 Youth Exchange. You will be asked some background questions to establish your identity, such as previous addresses,  or banks you use.  It generally takes less than 10 minutes to complete the process.  The report will be sent to our Canadian Youth Protection Officer and then uploaded to YEAH.

The exception to the rule is for those who have had to have their fingerprints taken. If that is the case, then the online system will direct you to go to your police of jurisdiction.  Generally that will be RCMP.  This in-person process takes longer, and a letter from the Rotary Club will be required.  Any questions or concerns, contact out Canadian Youth Protection Officer Steve Vrolyk, skvrolyk@shaw.ca.


SPECIAL NOTE…Record checks for Canadian residents can take a long time to obtain.  Please ensure that this process is initiated well before you intend to start your Youth Exchange activities.  Host Families are strictly forbidden from accepting students in their home until they are fully vetted.
  COMPLETE the Youth Protection Awareness Course. 
The course link will be emailed from the YEAH portal and when you have obtained a passing grade, the system will automatically read and record the results in your profile within the YEAH database. These links are unique to each individual, so anyone in the same household will be required to sign in on their own link.
   US Volunteers: COMPLETE the Department of State Local Coordinator Training
All US volunteers and District 5050 Youth Exchange Committee members must complete this course and pass the exam annually. The course link will be emailed from the YEAH system and when you have obtained a passing grade, the system will automatically read and record the results in your profile within the YEAH database.